Who’s Nathan?

Well, sometimes he draws pictures; sometimes he writes stories; sometimes he sings songs. He often wears a beard – the length of hair growing on top of his head varies. Occasionally, he goes home to Kansas. He never wears a watch, and he is always changing his mind. His pantry is stocked with beans, and he usually keeps a frozen Key lime pie on hand. In the springtime, he plants sunflowers and raggedy-looking cornstalks and hosts a family of wasps behind the screen of his kitchen window. In the othertimes, he invites stray cats inside to share a tuna fish sandwich. He’s got the biggest imagination of anyone I know.

For someone with this style of living – uncompromising in quality and with a strong distaste for wasted time or apathy along with an immense capacity for creation – it only follows that Nathan delivers natural, vivid, and thrilling work for the rest of us.